Hot Springs

Stelle Belle Baths

Miso barrel open air bath

Our large miso-barrel bath is a unique way to enjoy Hakuba spring water. The delicate spring water has gently soaked through the earth for 70 years.(The spring water becomes delicate after rice malt soaking for 70 years.)
The bath also contains bincho charcoal and bamboo charcoal.
The interior creates an atmosphere of bygone days, evoked through subtle touches such as the lattice and transom windows.

Hotel boasts of miso barrel open-air bath is what was made with a lot help of the people of the staff and carpenters. The baths were made by great effort from them , painted the large 30 stone (diameter 220cm) Miso barrels after polished.

It has become a hot topic in Hakuba as "Misotaru open-air bath" since it was made in July 2004. Private rental is also available. Please confirm with the property in advance. (Adults 10-15 people possible bathing)

Kamishiro / Yamanokami Onsen


24 hours; also available on a late-night arrival. The water is heated as the low temperature of hotspring. Some circulating for health, is part over flow system.

Onsen name:

Kamishiro / Yamanokami Onsen

Hotspring component:

Alkali onsen / clear water
《analyzed by Nagano Environmental Conservation Research Institute》


[for women] shampoo, rinse, body soap, face cleansing

[For men] shampoo, body soap Tonic Shampoo